5 Mistakes to avoid to achieve Solopreneur business success

Now is the time to enjoy the process of building a better life.

Fabe Mitchell


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I don’t believe in becoming the best version of yourself. Social media pushes this narrative that you aren’t good enough. And that you must copy this hack, style, or technique in order to achieve great results.

Yet, those tricks don’t align with who you are. When you don’t reach the success of others' highlight reel you see online — you feel like a failure.

Instead, let’s explore, or really, what I like to say is bring awareness to what is blocking you from actually being successful. The YOU that is a success is there, it's just the current YOU has to begin assuming that role TODAY.

Alright, let’s get to it. 5 Mistakes to avoid on the path to solopreneurship success.

1. Desire — When you desire laziness over growing your business you are ultimately saying your business is always second fiddle.

For example, social media encourages the endless scroll, and Netflix provides endless options for TV entertainment. The path to solopreneur success pushes you to go deep within yourself to understand what you want. And putting our sights on entertainment that doesn’t add to our lives, takes away from our potential.

Turn off Greys and Euphoria. Your business is calling you.

2. Aversion — By avoiding to create a course, blog, book, or anything that will take time is a major block for most solopreneurs.

You will spend more time thinking about how long that writing task will take you than actually putting in the time to write. Do you want to know the secret to overcome aversion in your business? Belief and consistency.

Believe in the process of what you are doing and why. Then by staying consistent, it gets easier. Just ask great writers how long it took them to write something when they started up til’ now.

I am no great writer, but a 1500 word blog post only takes me 45 mins to an hour to get the first draft…



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