A Tiny Tip to massively waste your time

Productivity Coach saves you from social media villains who want to ruin your productivity.

Fabe Mitchell
4 min readJun 10, 2022


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Yes, social media villains have IG, FB, and Twitter accounts. Hell, some are even here on Medium. They disguise themselves as social media gurus but in reality, all they do is push you to produce content on platforms you don’t own, to algorithms that don’t care, and using tactics that waste your time.

It has gotten so bad that people will stay on platforms they hate because they are told they “should” use them.

For example, a few months ago I was hanging out on a live chat with fellow online coaches. One of them brought up a situation that is going on with one of their clients. Like me, your jaw may drop after hearing this.

Their client was all over social media.

FB, IG, you name it.

The primary platform they used though was FB. They had a FB group that they used for their business to grow an audience. Not a bad idea when you think about it. Here was the problem though.

Their client hated FB. They hated making content, posting content, and trying to create engagement for the group. In turn, this made them hate their business. Here comes the jaw-dropping part.

This client of theirs had an email list of 1000 people that they didn’t email!

Can you imagine yourself with 1000 people who gave up their email to you? What would you do with that type of list?

Anyway, the reason they ignored their list was that another prominent coach in the industry told them to. So they did. Even against their own peace and happiness.

That coach who gave the advice to ignore their email list is a social media villain disguised as a hero. A villain focuses on their purpose while ignoring others. If they wanted to serve that person, they would have educated them on how to benefit, profit, and enjoy their business in a way that aligned with them. Not their villainous ways of growth.

Your takeaway from this example? Don’t focus on what you should be doing that others say.



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