An Easier Way To Be An Effective Leader

The Mistake Leaders Make Without Even Knowing It

Fabe Mitchell


I’m such a fickle thing.

Like most humans, I allow the ups and downs of the day to determine my moods and actions.

Recently, I’ve been struggling to figure out how to overcome some of my challenges.

(I am not going into too much detail; just stick with me for the overall theme and lesson–patience pays off those who understand–and see the bigger picture as I do)

With all this reading I’ve been doing lately, I found that I kept looking outside myself for the solution instead of inside.

Because I was asking the question, “What strategy do I need to use to overcome this?”

The question I should have been asking wasn’t how to overcome; it’s: “Where have I faced this before and overcome it within my skill set?”


Ideas and thoughts begin flooding my mind around what I could start doing that have always naturally worked for me in the past.

Which, funny enough…once I implemented my natural strength, I began seeing immediate results and changed behavior in those around me.

This all boils down to leadership. Many solopreneurs struggle to attract clients or stay focused because they lack leadership or a basic understanding of their leadership abilities.

Everyone has different styles of leadership that come more naturally to them than others.

I found out I was trying to lead outside my usual leadership strength. And that’s why I kept running into roadblocks.

Literally, last night, I made a huge mindset shift.

One that allowed me to see some of the matrix for what it is within my world.

It took me some time because I had to cut out the noise. I had been reading, writing, and creating so much that I missed the other key to success: sitting and thinking.

In a way, I was avoiding it.

I walked away with a new understanding of my strength through the four levels of competence.

These are (according to Wikipedia):

  1. Unconscious incompetence
    The individual does not understand or know how to do something and does not necessarily recognize the deficit. The length of time an individual…



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