Are You Thinking Your Way To Failure?

A Simple read about inputting a better mindset

Fabe Mitchell


At the start of every year, people are moved by the start of something fresh.

“This is going to be my year!”

I even had someone close to me say how they wanted to do things better this year, but they admitted simultaneously that they speak of grand gestures in their life and ultimately fall victim to the same habits they hate.

I am not talking badly about them; it is just a reality of human nature.

Change is even harder if you believe you’ll fall victim to your usual pleasures.

That’s why I made a podcast episode about food for thought on The Self-Educated Entrepreneur podcast.

Having some of these tough conversations recently put this message in my heart.

People don’t realize the magic their words hold over their life. Our brains can’t distinguish between reality. So, if you say something and believe it, your brain will find every reason to confirm this. If it can’t find it, it’ll curate the habit.

Think you’re fat? You’ll keep eating more without working out.

Think you’re lazy? You’ll keep binging TV without moving towards your mission.

Think you’re too busy? You’ll keep finding mindless activities to fill the time you supposedly don’t have.

The point is, if you are ready to stick with what you want to happen for you this year, then be mindful of the inputs you are putting in your mind–and go check out my daily email newsletter if you want more insights like this.



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