From Tears in the Parking Lot to Triumph in Your Hands

Fabe Mitchell
2 min readApr 4, 2024
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I caught up with a former co-worker.

She shared updates about my old job, and it seems little has changed since my departure almost a year ago.

The only significant change is that my former boss, once merely upset by daily challenges, now tears up in her car at the end of each day.

It appears that the VP continues to ignore the workforce’s pleas for change, which is a big reason behind my decision to leave.

This conversation reminded me of why I fell in love with entrepreneurship. In business, the power to change, solve problems, and steer the ship toward calmer waters lies squarely in our hands.

There’s no need to beg for permission, to wait for someone else to acknowledge our struggles, or to hope for a savior. We are the captains of our fate, the masters of our destiny.

Yet, I know too well that great power comes with great responsibility — and sometimes, overwhelming challenges.

The solitude of solopreneurship can often feel like a double-edged sword. On one side, there is the freedom to make decisions, pivot, and grow without constraint. On the other, there is the world’s weight on your shoulders, with every problem magnified by the isolation that comes with the territory.

You may face insurmountable challenges, feeling the toil and pain of simply surviving rather than thriving. Financial worries gnaw at your day and night, client issues that feel like unsolvable puzzles, marketing strategies that seem to lead nowhere, or the relentless pressure to be everything to everyone.

But here’s the silver lining — just as I chose to leave an environment that no longer served me, you, too, have the power to reshape your business, turn pain into progress, and transform surviving into thriving. You’re not alone. Behind this screen is a community and a helping hand, ready to support you in navigating these turbulent waters.

If you’re feeling the strain, if the challenges of solopreneurship are starting to weigh heavy, I would like you to respond to this post. Share with me the biggest hurdle you’re currently facing. Together, we can start charting a course toward a future where you’re not just coping but conquering.

Remember, in business, as in life, the power to solve our problems and to find happiness lies within us. Let’s start the conversation, unveil the challenges, and embark on the journey to solutions together.

I’m here, ready to listen, and eager to help you transform your toil into triumph.



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