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A Lesson About Fearlessness From The Rapper 50 Cent

Fabe Mitchell


Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, is one of our age’s most strategic business minds.

Currently, I am reading the book The 50th Law.

It’s about overcoming fear and the various ways to attack this mindset.

50 Cent’s fearlessness allowed him to dominate the drug game, the music industry, and the business world. Many of the principles he used to hustle his way to the top on the corner are the same methods he used to gain power in the music game and beyond.

Just last night, I was reading about a story he told where he used a strategy so sneaky and powerful to regain control of the corners he had lost after spending a year in jail.

It was pure genius and worth the read.

One of the many quotes I take from the book is this one:

“The greatest danger we face is not the police or some nasty rival. it’s the mind going soft.”

It reminds me of my mind going soft after quitting my job last year. I reached the pinnacle of my dreams of being a full-time entrepreneur and thought it was time to rest and play video games all day.

I was wrong. It meant I needed to lean in further to become a better entrepreneur than I ever thought I could be.

The plan is to outsmart, maneuver, and outlive the competition.

If you desire not to go soft and find the secret advantages your competition is missing, check out the podcast’s newest episode. I talk about three ways to outsmart your competition.



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