How to avoid agony in your first year of business

What your business looks like today, will not be the case in the future.

This is something I learned over the past years time. The fact that I am even writing this blog post is a testament to that. And what I want to share with you, is that it’s OK for this to happen.

Hear me out(or read if you're going to be so technical).

Over the past year of being a Productivity Coach, the framework of my business has changed. At times I would fight this change because I didn’t want to stray from the methods that I was taught. But the more I grew in understanding myself, the more I realized that I cannot deny what makes me happy in my business.

If there is anything that I want you to take away from this post, it’s to be hard on the goal, but soft on the path to get there. I don’t remember where I heard that from, but I understand it now more than ever.

How did I become a Productivity Coach?

Last year I didn’t even know what a Productivity Coach was. When I started this journey in September of 2020 I thought that business coaching or consulting was the only type of professional coach there was.

Until one day, I was talking to another coach. Her area of expertise was in mindset and manifestation. We had just wrapped up me interviewing her for my podcast.

We were going over some notes with our current clients and I had said to her, “I am an extreme taskmaster. I have this ability to take everything and simply break it down into small bite-sized activities. And most of the time what I help clients with is organize their to-do list in their business.”

To that, she simply replied, “Why aren’t you a productivity coach?”

At the moment she said that my mind just opened. I never thought of it that way, but it made sense to me. My method of doing things involves simplicity.

I know everybody likes to give all of these productivity hacks, tips, tricks, or whatever pretty names they come up with — but true productivity and efficiency is building your life around what aligns with you.

Look, the truth is we are all busy people and only have 24 hours in a day. And I feel the best way to tackle that list is to move about your life and business in a way that is aligned with you. Not every productivity solution will work for you.

And with that, my path towards growing my Productivity Coaching business shifted.

That was after me being in business for 4 months. As I said before, be hard on the goal, soft on the path.

An uncommitted path to content creation

I am not here to hold any punches or sell half-truths. As you nor I will learn if I don’t make a commitment to be open about certain things.

As I write these words and look back on this past year, I know that the biggest thing(one of them) that has slowed my growth is my non-committed path with content creation.

Let me explain.

Way back as a baby coach, before I even had a name, I thought to start out as a blogger.

I found some free courses online that would help you create a blog. I don’t even remember who had created the course, but I do remember how detailed it was for a free one.

I joined their email list, got all the swipes, copy + paste files, and checklist. My niche was decided, the website I was going to use was picked out, and the host I was going with was only a credit card number submission away.

However, there was a problem.

I had spent about 2 days coming up with around 24 article ideas. The topic with an outline was all jotted down inside a Google Doc.

So, you may be thinking, “What could have been the problem? You had everything lined up. It was just time to write.”

And there it is.

When I sat down to write out the blogs, my mind went blank, I froze staring at the screen, and instantly got up.

At the time, I did not realize this was normal.

With my blog plans gone in an instant, I begin searching for the next way I can share my message. That led me to start a podcast. Which was easier, simpler, and less scary than writing 1500 words.

Along with my podcast, I would post to Instagram. While I have only missed one week posting on my podcast since last year, my efforts were abysmal on IG and Facebook.

With social media is where my sporadic efforts have slowed my audience growth.

Here is what I mean.

Facebook and Instagram are hard channels to grow on. This may not be the case for everybody, but it sure is for me. I spent thousands of dollars on FB ads and only got 100 or so page likes from it(page likes weren’t the goal). Before you ask, yes I did use a social media marketer. I got no new clients, but I did receive more stress, overwhelm, and frustration. Looking back, I should have focused on building my email list more.

After ads were a bust, I thought, “OK, I am going to put all my attention on organic growth.” Needless to say, that was a joke. I burnt myself out quickly.

I was posting to FB and IG every day, recording my podcast episodes every week, and then decided I would go back to blogging again on my blog, and on Medium.

Can you guess what happened after 3 weeks of this?

You got it.

I stopped.

In fact, I didn’t post for 2 months after that because I was so done. The problem with all of this is that I became too focused on tactics, and not enough on…people. Isn’t that why we are in business is to help people?

See the inconsistency? This is not a way to grow your audience at all. Pick a path, and stick with it.

Next phase of my business

Throughout all of this my ultimate goal of being financially free, and living life on my terms hasn’t changed. My path twisted and turned on different avenues. At the time of this writing, my path is a more focused one.

After becoming aware that I was being needy, and not focusing enough on people I knew I had to make a change. Otherwise, I’ll continue on this miserable road with minimal results.

I started focusing on things that aligned with me. When I removed the emotion of need I found that I really do enjoy writing. I stopped concerning myself with how long writing will take me, and on becoming a better writer who provides clear value.

Now, understanding that I enjoy writing and wanting to build deeper relationships — I focused on my email list. Every single day I email my list. Providing them with behind the scenes, business building, self-mastery tips, and other things. I do my best to keep it entertaining and fun.

Next, I finished writing my first book. Which is called, “The Age of Self-Educated Entrepreneur.” I wrote this to detail my complete journey as a side hustler so far. I talk about the first business I started(lawn business). Through my experiences in business and those of my clients as well, I share with you my framework to build a business and life that you desire.

Trust me, more books coming down the line.

I love helping people turn their dreams into reality.

This continued love of writing is why I came back to Medium. I have a lot more stories that I’d love to share.

To wrap it up

That’s why I said in the beginning that the way your business looks now will be different in the future. For me, I did not think I would be doing as much writing as I do today because of how I initially pushed the idea away.

Through focused self-mastery, I found what I love and focused my business solely on helping people through a channel that I enjoy.

So, I want to ask you, are you doing tasks in your business because you believe it’s the only way? Or are you doing tasks in your business that you enjoy and can still serve people?

I appreciate you for reading. See you tomorrow.

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