How to make your clients happy and see you as the only answer

Hopefully, you will have an opportunity to be around loved ones this year as the final days of the year approach.

However, before you unwrap those gifts, eat the ham, and watch Uncle Bob drink all the egg-nog there is always a mad cleaning spree before family comes over.

Kids' toys may finally make it into the toy box. That load of laundry that has been sitting in the clean clothes hamper for months may finally get put away. And your fur-baby toys will actually be moved out of the way so nobody steps on them like you have for the past few months.

Don’t be ashamed if your house isn’t in perfect order. From managing your business, keeping everybody fed, and yourself in a consistent flow state — it’s normal for some areas to slip the cracks(and you don’t see me uploading any pics of my house).

One thing that I enjoy not cleaning up in the house is you-know-what from our fur babies. More specifically our dogs. I think it is cool how our dogs can alert us when they know it’s their time to go ‘outside.’

For example, just as I was starting this post, my dog came up and nudged me on my hand first. As I ignored him and continued to type, he began just staring at me wagging his tail.

At this moment I knew what he was communicating because I instantly thought, yeah it has been a while since he last went outside.

I then asked him his favorite question, “Zeus, you have to go outside?”

Before I could finish the sentence, he was jumping about.

So, I paused my typing and let him go outside. I got myself something to drink(sweet tea, don’t tell my trainer) and then he kindly barked when he was finished with his task at hand.

Now, I am sure I can’t be the only dog owner who has had this situation happen between them and their dog on numerous occasions.

It is kind of crazy if you think about it that we are different species yet can understand each other after some time.

I definitely don’t mind the mild interruption to let him out as this will prevent any extra cleaning in the house.

He will be 9 years old next year, so I believe this kind of communication and bond comes from being around each other for years. I never taught him how to communicate like that.

It is kind of like how you and your spouse may have a special language as well. I can tell by what tone my wife calls me “Love” on what she needs.

Actually, I am not being genuine about my wife’s talents to use the word love. There are 3 different meanings for this one word, “love.” Well, the only 3 I will mention here.

  1. She has a way of saying “love” when she wants me to rub her feet.
  2. She has a way of saying “love” when she wants me to give her my attention.
  3. She has a way of saying “love” when I am in trouble.

And trust me, it isn’t long after she says it that I don’t know what I am getting into.

We have been together at the time of writing this for 16 years. So I am sure it’s no surprise that our communication can reach one-word sentences. I doubt we are the only married couple who has achieved this.

You may be asking yourself, “What does talking to a dog, and my spouse have to do with my business?”


The deep communication I have with my dog and spouse doesn’t just come from being around them. Doesn’t matter animal or loved one. A relationship with good communication comes from building a deep relationship.

Are you building a relationship with your clients? Have you built yourself up as someone they know, like, and trust? Because when you do that, it no longer becomes about price anymore and they only want to do work with you.

Here is an example:

In our lawn business, I have a customer who is an older gentleman. It’s him and his wife living in his house. She, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to have long left with us. However, he always has high spirits. Anyway, every time we show up he has to come out and talk to me.

He is a retired guard from a prison in our local area and the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet. When he comes out of the house we will stand in his long driveway and talk sports, or anything else in the news that we share similar interest.

Simply, we laugh, check up on each other about how we are doing with our diabetes, and then we separate saying, “See you in two weeks.”

The point is that over time deepening the relationship has made us more money. Case in point — every time he needs something extra — we are the first people he thinks of to call. And then, we just charge his card on file. So, I don’t have to waste time going over there, quoting, or anything.

Just ask us to handle something next time we are out, do it, and charge the card accordingly. All hassle-free. And he isn’t the only one that we have this kind of profitable relationship with.

Think about it too. I could have ignored him, or tried rushing him back in the house from slowing us down — but we probably wouldn’t get all the extra work(revenue) that we do get from him.

The easiest clients to convince to purchase from you, are ones who already bought.

The main lesson I want you to take away from this is to focus on your communication with clients and how you can serve them better to deepen the relationship. The solutions you find may be simple.

Too many “gurus” talk about tactics, hacks, and other get rich quick B.S.

I am here to tell you a framework of just focusing on your people and building relationships. The rest will come.

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As always, thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

  • Fabe Mitchell



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