How to Take Back Your Power

You Have a Right to Keep Power Over Your Life

Fabe Mitchell


Maybe I am in my silo.

It seems that many people online and around me feel powerless.

My message today is about giving back what may have been taken from you right under your nose.

I see videos of people complaining about how we’re over-taxed, the rich are getting richer, struggling to pay bills, and can barely keep their heads above water.

All that happens when we talk about these issues–instead of trying to solve them–is giving more of our power away.

The system seems too big, large, and powerful to defeat.

Instead of trying to beat the system in this one message–I’m just going to share how we can begin taking the power back that was stolen from us.

It started as children.

We had all the power in the world. We cried, and we were picked up, fed, and changed.

Of course, this was the only way we knew how to get what we wanted. Yet, as we grew up, we were no longer able to use this power.

“No” became the only word many of us heard. Even more, as we aged, we had to play by society’s rules and regulations so that we could be active members. So, we fit in, don’t test…



Fabe Mitchell

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