If you need to make money writing — then you shouldn’t be writing

Want to keep your flow of writing enjoyable and stress-free? Then don’t be so damn dependent on it.

Fabe Mitchell
4 min readApr 29, 2022


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Your need leads to greed.

Your greed turns to stress, which makes things a mess.

Your mess creates pain, which means no money your business will gain.

Ok, rhyming aside, the simple truth. Your need will equal you not getting what it is you want.

Neediness is nothing but emotion

Most writers on this platform come because it is a passion. Then stay for the community. Like myself, you reading this may have dreams of grandeur. Published author. Wait, I mean, Best Selling Published Author.

Anyway, while the love of writing is there, this passion can be stolen from you if the emotion of neediness comes into the mix. This need surrounds our need for money. My journey on Medium is still new. Hell, I disappeared for a few weeks.

And you may be getting yourself into the mix of the ins and out of the platform. There are so many great writers and some who make a good living. Enough to pay all their bills. And then some.

Thus, we figure why not? I love reading, and writing even more, so let’s write content to make money.

That is your first mistake. Basing your need for money on the success/failure of your passion will destroy the very thing you love to do.

Case in point.

A few years ago I had a co-worker who quit their job in a haste. Forreal, like table flipping, cuss your boss out and storm out fashion. He didn’t flip tables, but he did cuss out 2 different supervisors while slamming his desk drawers and shouting, “F*ck this place.”

He went home and told his wife everything that happened. She said she supported his decision and what he said he was going to do to make money. This wasn’t true as she divorced him soon after, but we’ll get into that later.

So, what was his plan after he quit? How was he to make money? They did have a mortgage, 3 dogs to feed, and a car note. His car was paid off.



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