Let Your Light Shine

The Mistake Solopreneurs Make Dimming Their Ambitions

Fabe Mitchell


You do nobody any good by living beneath your potential. — Dr Benjamin Hardy.

I won’t lie; I might be a little obsessed with his teachings as of late.

They resonate so well with what I value and believe to be true about life.

Here’s what I mean:

I just finished writing an article where I talk about three lessons I learned from leaving my first lawn business.

I have talked about some lessons before, but never to this level of depth, insight, and openness.

I wrote this article after reading the article above by Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

Lowering my potential is exactly what I did in that business. When work needed to be done, and my partner didn’t want to, I didn’t hold them accountable. I accepted their laziness and allowed the business to suffer. And not just suffer financially. It would suffer by hurting client relationships. That impacts money; on a bigger, more important scale, it impacts trust, which lowers the opportunities we would have had from keeping our word at different times.

That’s just a small example of many.

Don’t get me started on how often I worked alone in the business for free while my partner continued collecting a check. (The things you’ll do to your detriment to make others happy)

Anyway, that business is long gone, and so is the partnership.

Even though it may not seem like it–I blame myself for how that business turned out.

Because I lowered my light.

Which, as Dr. Hardy put it, helped nobody.

I don’t need to state the obvious, but those that get the message…get it.

Go forth and shine your light.

Shine a light in your marketing message, attracting those you want. Shine a light in your communication, sharing your values, morals, mission, and vision for a better future. Shine a light when closing sales by giving insights into what holds for your clients by entrusting your business. Shine a light on the relationships that you want to build by serving people on a deeper level than they even knew possible.

Simply shine.

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