Rebuilding Your Identity After Divorce

Three tips for men to rebuild themselves after feeling like a failure

Fabe Mitchell
3 min readOct 17, 2023

A friend is currently going through a tough time in his marriage.

According to him, he may be getting a divorce. His wife has already started meeting with lawyers and informing her family of what she intends.

It sucks because I know exactly what he’s feeling, as my marriage ended over a year ago.

I spoke with another friend who couldn’t understand why our buddy suddenly had gone silent — not returning calls or texts.

“I’ve called him a few times,” he said.

“But I never get an answer.”

“Mmm,” is all I could muster because as I gripped the wheel to our next stop, I remembered not wanting to talk to anyone once the “D” word was finally announced between my ex-wife and me.

One image popped into my head. I remember feeling so low while taking a shower one day that I froze for a long time, not knowing what I’d be doing next in my life.

As I snapped back to the present moment, I said, ”I remember feeling ashamed, like a failure, and less of a man when my divorce was going on.”



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