🛑 STOP 🛑 Selling your audience a dream

Being specific and giving your audience details on what the actual outcome can be for them will help them be better decision-makers. And this will connect you on a deeper level with your ideal customers.

As solopreneurs, in the online space when we create content we oftentimes speak to the dream that the majority of our audience has. We speak to how we can help you achieve financial freedom. Or give tips, tricks, and hacks on how you can get paid while sipping wine in Maui. And that it isn’t that hard to make $10K months in your business.

All dreams that we do share, yet don’t always border on the true desire of the intended audience.

While talking about those ultimate dreams is great, I believe for a sustainable, profitable business, going deeper with your audience and tapping into their true desires is how you’ll get higher responses, more engagement, and a happy bank account.

Ok, let’s talk about it and dig deeper into being more specific for your audience.

I am going to use a major dream you see online that marketers use to try and persuade their audience to convert.

  • You can achieve financial freedom with product XYZ

This is pretty common. Yes, people want financial freedom to do as they please when they please.

Humans are a fickle bunch and hate being told what to do.

We say we want financial freedom yet don’t do the task in order to achieve it. For example, I just had a meeting with one of my private clients and they are not being consistent with creating any content online to have brand awareness. They post content about once every few weeks. So nothing is going to generate more awareness that their business exists in a crowded online space.

So, again we walk down the path of “Why do you want to do this?” And the first answer was financial freedom. “Ok, why do you want financial freedom,” I had asked. His response then dives deeper into the meaning and value of what financial freedom means to him.

At the end of the conversation, it all made sense and served as a reminder of why he was trying to accomplish his goals in his business. He has two little girls and a wife that he cherishes and wants to build a better future for.

And that is the entire point of going deeper.

The fact is we forget our why. It’s lost somewhere along the way when we are procrastinating, frustrated, or stressed out about the slow growth of our business. We end up giving way to those emotions in the temporary moment instead of staying locked on the long-term outcome that we desire.

(Believe me, I am struggling right now writing this article. Yesterday morning I was energized, awake and excited to write. This morning, I am groggy, slow to think, and want to close my laptop. But, I know why I woke up early, and why this idea came to me to share.)

A final point on this one, talking to your audience on a deeper level about their desires is how you tap into their real motivations. The motivations that will get them to take action. The next logical step. And this speaks directly to the ideal reader or consumer of your content. Letting them know you have XYZ product that will help them have the confidence to charge and ask for higher fees, have an action plan to work less while making more, and how they can have a business where they attract nothing but ideal clients.

Let your audience know, what do they get with financial freedom. Paint the picture for them. That way they can see it, touch it, smell it, and most importantly….FEEL IT.

As always, thank you for reading!

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