The Flaw of your vision

If you don’t believe, then what you want to attract doesn’t matter

Fabe Mitchell
5 min readMay 2, 2022


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Back in late 2020, I started working with a 1:1 client who is a dog trainer. Like many solopreneurs, she had visions of running a massive business while growing a family.

And like many solopreneurs, her vision for how she was going to get there changed every week. This isn’t to poke fun. These are facts. I go through the same mind carousel at times as well with certain offers as a Productivity Coach.

The problem isn’t her vision for success as a whole. She could clearly see where she wanted to go, and what she wanted her life to look like.

The goal was to have 2 employees do all the dog walking services while her focus shifted to working less, growing a family(she was getting married soon), and doing tasks in the business she loved.

Let’s explore what the flaw in her vision was, how she changed that, and how you too can benefit from these valuable learning lessons on your path of growth.

A choice between two roads

For a long time, she felt stuck between two worlds. One where she was driven towards her mission to be a profitable, successful solopreneur who helped people build great relationships with their dogs.

The other was a housewife who would grow a family. After being in business for 2 years she knew she needed help in order to make her vision a reality. Being stuck in the cycle no longer was where she wanted to be.

It was a perfect fit for us to work together as my 1:1 clients are better served when having some experience under their belt. No hate towards newbies, I just know the opportunities for growth I aid my clients with are better served with the more experienced.

The problem here with it was that she saw her life having to be down two roads. One running her business as a solopreneur, or the other having to be a full-time mom with no business income.

This back and forth thought process kept her stuck for years. When she thought she wanted to focus on business and forgo a family, the thought of not having kids pained her. And then when she thought to focus on a family while giving up her…



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