The more you do, the less you’ll get as a solopreneur

Doing more sometimes is a sign of desperation that you may not see.

Fabe Mitchell
2 min readMar 6


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As a solopreneur with a 9–5 or any other responsibilities that take up a great portion of your time, you may think the task you're doing daily is going to add to your bottom line.

Solopreneurs often think that a business can’t be grown off of social media. We’ve been programmed to enjoy the dopamine hit we get from likes, views, and comments. Thus, we focus more on those metrics instead of doing tasks that fill our bottom line.

“Busy work” as they like to call it. Your job may even have you doing busy work to justify paying you 8 hours a day.

How many of you actually need 8 hours to do your job?

If it wasn’t for so many meetings and interruptions from everyone else at my job, I’d probably finish working in about 3 to 4 hours. Seriously. I have really good time management skills when I can focus.

Lack of focus though is what has caused solopreneurs to become desperate. Desperate to close a sale, desperate to increase brand awareness, and desperate to make their latest launch a success. And when people operate out of desperation they don’t plan. When they don’t plan, they wake up and let the day rule them vs them ruling the day.

This leads to poor launches, poor product sales, and a solopreneur who ends up in a place of uncertainty on how they can move forward with their goals.

I know a fellow solopreneur who fell into some hard times financially. Instead of focusing on revenue-generating activities in their business. They went and got 2 more jobs to make ends meet. Jobs that now they hate. They tell me all the time how they crave the freedom from a 9–5 and that picking up trash every night is killing their knees and costing them sleep every day.

And desperation like my friend will have you doing things you hate instead of the obvious choice that you’d love. My friend chose to get 2 additional w-2s instead of focusing on the ‘right’ things to grow his business.

I ask you, are you working out of desperation, or are you really focused on achieving your goals?

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