The Neediness of Online Marketing

The online business space has become a tactician's paradise to fulfill the greed of the guru ego & pockets.

I hate Instagram. This isn’t in a social media is evil way either. (Even though it is).

It’s more so the way that the online business coaching space has been shaped through Instagram. It’s one of the most inauthentic social media spaces out there. More is done to please the algorithm gods for views. Or teaching what is the latest hack to use to get more followers.

Everything they teach you are tactics on growing your IG following and not foundational development of a sustainable business(unless you pay of course).

(Funny how every business coach turns into an IG expert instead of giving you real business growth advice)

These tactics can work for some time while starting out. Not denying that. These very tactics though are what leads to burnout, frustration, and stress because people don’t even understand their business to get the most out of the tactics.

The fact is, as the market ages, people become more aware of these tactics. When that happens, they lose their power, in a sense the tactic meets its kryptonite as people no longer respond to the power it once held.

And as the market ages, you try harder, as you try harder, this may come off as needy to the market. Thus hurting your online brand. We will discuss the main tactic I see used on IG that is hurting your online business.

Everybody has $1.80

Gary V coined the strategy(tactic) $1.80 method a few years ago to grow on IG. What this method involves is commenting on 90 profiles a day related to your niche. You are giving your 2 cents on these 90 posts in hopes that the majority of these people will follow you back.

Since then, as I mentioned earlier, the market has aged, and with that aging people have become more skeptical of this method. I am in a few coaching groups and have seen people complaining saying they don’t feel like the majority of people’s comments are genuine anymore.

Seems more of a task they are doing than actually trying to connect with the individual.

And, some bigger influencers in the coaching space have DMed people who commit on their profile telling them to stop or they will report them.

So, not only are people now questioning the validity of your comments, but the pages profile owner you are committing on is swatting you away like a fly on a horses a*s.

With that, because this tactic was taught it seems in every online business space people are left feeling stuck, not knowing how else they can grow their business. Thus, continuing to miss the mark on building a foundation on strategy and framework for business building, not tactics.

Do you want to serve clients, or NEED them?

Growing online is tough. And it is getting tougher by the day. Not just from the advancement of tech, but because everywhere you look people have been burned.

Burned by a coach telling you to build a Facebook group even though you have a 1000 person email list. (Causing you to ignore your email list while building a group you hate.)

Burned by online marketers who didn’t know what they were doing and got your business Facebook ad account banned forever.

Burned by course creators selling thousand-dollar courses only to find it is a carbon copy of somebody's YouTube channel or blog.

So people now view everything, and I mean every damn thing as a scam.

Tell them, I can help you quit your job… they say, “Nope scam, not real.”

Say, I can help you build a business you love… they say, “Nah you just trying to get my money.”

Or, you say I can walk you step by step on how to purchase real estate without your own money… their response is, “Yeah right, this person is trying to push a course! You want to buy that house with my cash.”

But, if I make a post talking about how I made $30K, it gets all types of comments asking how. Just see the image below this, which is a screenshot of somebody's post in a group that got tons of engagement asking for details…(Don’t get me started on that rant).

The point is, is that because so many tactics have been pushed down our throats from gurus it has become harder to crack the code at times in the online business space.

This pushes us as solopreneurs to try harder to convince people we are legit and are worthy of being trusted with our client's hard-earned cash.

Unfortunately, trying harder can lead to our prospects seeing us as being needy. Being seen or flat out being needy in your business is a death sentence.

If people aren’t seeing your actions coming from a genuine place then they won’t want anything to do with your business. In fact, if you do get somebody in your business that thinks your needy, they won’t respect you, your business, and certainly won’t want to pay any of your higher fees.

They’ll think they’re doing you a favor by even hiring you. Trust me, this is not the type of relationship that you want with any of your clients.

The biggest lesson

While I only mentioned one main tactic that is becoming a problem, there are lessons period about being focused on tactics instead of a framework.

Bottom line:

  • Don’t focus solely on tactics, build a foundation for understanding your market, and how you can best serve them. When you understand your market. Anything you put out that solves their problem will attract them to your business.
  • Never be needy. Even if the lights are going to be cut off tomorrow, be willing to walk away from a situation. People can sniff neediness a mile away. Some will stay away from you, but worse, some will be attracted to you. Those are scary clients.
  • Authentic rules. And I am not talking about being authentically yourself on camera, or social media that the gurus talk about. I am talking about being authentic to yourself. Is what you are doing, that tactic, one that aligns with who you are, who you want to be, and what you want your business to be known for.

As always, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my stories. And if you think anybody else would benefit from the message, please share! Thank you!

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