These posts on Medium are hurting your productivity

A different way to approach reading content on Medium for Solopreneurs

Fabe Mitchell


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The algorithm on Medium is like Santa Claus. You never see it, but it sure knows what you want and puts it right in front of you.

I remember when I first joined Medium and I wanted the glorious 100 followers to be a part of the partner program. And since my reading involved growth on the app Medium showed me every type of “Get 100 followers fast” post that it could.

Most of them were to comment, clap, like, or whatever on their post and they would follow you back. I participated in one post like that but decided I’d really rather do it by doing what I came here for… by writing content.

This is the first example of how your productivity, especially on this platform, is ruined. You end up looking for more post to get 100 followers fast instead of doing what will be the most beneficial to you in getting that feat. The longer you read article after artciale and leave comment after comment is the longer that you spend not writing.

And by you being new to this, the more you don’t write, the less effective and efficient you become to the craft. Which hurts more in the long run. The key to growing on any platform is by feeding the beast. The more you create content for said platform, the more opportunities the algorithm (might) reward you with increased viewership.

Reading just makes you a consumer, writing makes you a creator. Medium loves creators who help keep and attract people to the platform.

Now Medium being the little gift giver that it is of course noticed that I was a coach, and email content writer. So, once I hit the 100 follower mark Santa Claus(Medium) started showing me post talking about make “$X a month by doing these 3 things post.”

Well, I saw these types of post all over Instagram so I wasn’t going to fall for those social media villains ways here. Some though happen to fall into that trap as I once did. And boy did I to the tune of $6K.

Anyway, these types of articles lesson your chance of success because it shifts your focus. The most important thing to your business is creating opportunities. Creating…



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