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Fabe Mitchell
4 min readMar 29, 2024
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

My partner and I, Donte, in the lawn bidness, recently wrapped up some important meetings.

We discussed some big structural changes to optimize our time better and capture more opportunities as they rise in the coming summer.

One of the things we discussed may be the most profitable decision ever.

It is yet to be seen, of course. Still, if you decide to do the same by learning what I’m about to share, understanding it, and then(most importantly) implementing it, you can give yourself a better chance to make more money, curate better-fit customers, and, of course, laugh in the face of every bill collector as you slap your payment on the table.

A few days ago, we picked up a new customer.

They signed up for grass cuts, weed spraying, and keeping their bushes trimmed.

“I fired the last guy because he wasn’t doing everything that he said he would do and I was paying for it,” she told us after explaining why her property looks worse than she’d like it to.

Customers who’ve reached this point aren’t hard to convince to take us on as a lawn service provider. They’ve been screwed over and want to hire someone to take care of their lawn without adding more stress to their lives.



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