Want More Attention On Your Bizness?

Fabe Mitchell
2 min readFeb 12, 2024

After almost 9 years in business, some things are finally starting to click.

Three years since producing content online, some mountains are starting to move out of the way.

And it ain’t that someone else or thing was in the way. I put those mountains there with my mindset.

While I’ve had an email list, blog, and podcast, I was always nervous about talking about those things in a local public setting. I’d go to network events, meetups, and other functions with business people, but I only talked about my lawn business.

It was nothing but fear.

Nothing stands in the way of us making more money, getting more clients, or obtaining more opportunities but ourselves.

At the start of 2024, I promised myself to be more vocal, more confident, and ready to talk more openly about my publishing business to those around me.

And some doors of opportunity are opening. I already was offered a speaking gig(once that is confirmed and finalized, I’ll share more). People are supporting the business, and I am getting some good feedback. All of which turns me into more of a monster.

Because I plan on terrorizing my market for a very long time as my skills increase.

Anyway, the deeper message above may help some of you realize where your mountain is.

But if you want to gain more attention and authority as I have, check out the newest episode of the podcast, where I talk about doing exactly that.

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