What keeps me shouting into the void of nothingness online

My way of thinking to stay inspired writing online when nobodies reading

Fabe Mitchell
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Some days these posts come easily to me and other days they don’t.

Some days I have an offer in mind, other days I don’t.

Every expert, guru, and social media villain says you have to offer something. Make a sale and give people something to click on.

I will be very candid here. After two years of writing content online, I still struggle with crafting that irresistible offer.

I have so many ideas but I’m never too sure if anybody will be interested. As you all probably know, in the early days of a business, or crafting content online, getting feedback is minimal if at all.

Most times it feels like your shouting into a void hoping to hear something vibrate back at you.

I’ve done different memberships, offers, private coaching offers, and the like to all quiet roars. The most successful thing I’ve sold to my email list is my book.

Kinda crazy if you ask me. I never really read it after it was edited. I don’t like going back to re-read much of what I have written. Actually, I don’t go back to watch any of my content. I record my Tik Tok videos once and then post them.

So why do I keep going if I don’t make any money, or barely get any feedback from the readers of my content?

Because, as much as you can depend on metrics, I see those who open the majority if not every single email I write. For me, I found something that is enjoyable that I would actually do for free. I.E. write daily emails to people interested in business, personal development, marketing & selling.

My emails for example take me 10 to 20 mins to write depending on how distracted I make myself while writing them(currently I have Jurassic World Dominion paused so I can finish this post).

There is one person, don’t know if true or not–like I said you can depend on metrics only so much since platforms have changed their privacy guidelines–but, one person who I see opens every single email that I write.



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