What To Accept If You Want To Be A Business Success

My girlfriend has taught me a new term

Fabe Mitchell
2 min readFeb 29, 2024

It’s called Radical Acceptance.

It is the ability to accept situations outside your control.

It’s a good habit to curate when dealing with difficult family members, clients, co-workers, bosses, and society.

It’s been a practice of mine to maintain peace in my life.

Too often, we want people to be like us.

And when they aren’t, we get frustrated and stressed and begin projecting our anger onto them.

We can’t make anybody change or be something they’re not.

If your wife is a horrible cook, you can’t get mad if she never wanted to learn how to cook or prioritize cooking in the first place.

If your husband is lazy and lacks ambition to improve his lot in life. You can’t bug him about what he’s going to do when y’all was dating and he was content with where he was at.

This doesn’t mean you accept things for what they are, even if they go against your values or beliefs.

If you choose to move forward in a partnership, relationship, or business venture, you accept the good with the bad — even if you can’t see it all yet.

Let’s stick with the business side of things.

Solopreneurs will start a business but not grasp the time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears–along with untold amounts of money–that go into growing, nurturing, and giving birth to a thriving business.

Solopreneurs always tell me they don’t have time, can’t invest in this, or simply don’t know what they want.

They are not accepting the work that must be done to curate the time, invest the money, and figure out what they want.

To give you more of the picture, here are some things that you may have to accept as a solopreneur radically:

  • You’re going to feel alone.
  • Most will doubt you.
  • You’ll doubt yourself.
  • You’ll get a big boost of motivation for a week…then it’ll be like you don’t even want to think about your business.
  • You’ll get ideas…followed by periods where you do no know what to do next.
  • Customers will take advantage of your ignorance.
  • Other customers will show appreciation in ways you never thought possible.
  • Your family won’t fully see the vision, but you must believe in it anyway.
  • …you’ll lose money.
  • Then make more money…
  • To lose it again to taxes.
  • Lastly…but certainly not least…accept that the process will back you better.

And if you’re willing to accept all of that — accept that there is a new episode of the podcast out today where I talk about the three mistakes 9–5ers make while trying to market their bidness.



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