What To Change To Make More Money

Fabe Mitchell
3 min readMar 28, 2024
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I’ve learned that there is no secret to making money.

The only secret is that those who say here’s how to make $20K in the next 5 days are making the $20K off of the people who buy into that program.

And all it really resorts to is learning simple tactics for growing on social media.

That’s why I’ve brought you this one thing that’ll help you make more money, gain back time, and allow you to focus on the things you enjoy.

At least, this has been my experience since changing this one thing, especially since I quit my job. We only work 14 days a month(winter time; summer will change), but we still make more money than we did when he had 9–5 jobs.

That time we’ve gotten back has helped me stay consistent in posting content and have fun doing it while I help other business owners with copywriting or other business insights.

See, a few years ago, I met with a friend for dinner because he wanted to help me learn about Crypto.

“I listened to this YouTube video where this guy was being interviewed. He has cars, clothes, and millions of dollars, all from buying Crypto.”

…my wise readers can already see where this is going…

I immediately could tell he was new to the game and was getting caught in one of the oldest traps in the book.

Thee’ old “Gold Rush” trap, where emotions and dreams of fresh whips and clothes run high while logic becomes non-existent.

So, like a good friend does…I crushed his dreams. I asked him how long that guy had been in Crypto, and he said five years.

After explaining that Crypto is a long-term game and if this is something you want to do, I could help you set up a Crypto account; I at least knew how to do that, but you will need to take the time, energy, and resources available to you to dedicate yourself to becoming the most informed person you can be about Crypto. This way, you’ll help increase your chances of success instead of losing your shirt like most people do and getting caught up in the hype.

I could tell he already felt defeated and not motivated. Which told me I did my job well.

To this day, he hasn’t done anything with Crypto and still works his 9–5 job. Imagine how much further along he’d be if he had started studying Crypto for an hour a night 2–3 years ago. He’d understand it better than 98.2% of the population, which would give him the edge in reality.

This isn’t me talking ish. If you want to make more money, this brings reality to the fold.

What I was challenging my friend with, without saying it, was that he was going to have to change himself if he wanted to be successful with Crypto. Listening to a single podcast and wanting all the success the guy had without any of the work is fool’s gold.

In my case last year, wanting to grow my business further without challenging myself by quitting my job would have been a fool’s errand. (No, I am not saying you need to quit to grow your business; stay with me)

Since I was a kid, I have wanted to be my boss, and the only way I saw fit to do that was to change myself into what that person is. I had to ask myself, “What does a Fabe who makes more money while working less look like?”

I asked myself the same question earlier this year: “What does a Fabe who wants to be a more public speaker do?” This answer morphs as I learn more, by the way.

Making more money is simply about changing yourself into someone with the habits, knowledge, and discipline to stay focused on the things that will bring you more opportunities and, ultimately, more money.

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