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A Cautionary Tale When Buying Custom ChatGPTs

Fabe Mitchell


With AI getting more attention, creeping more into our awareness, and being used in a majority of the content we all probably see online–I believe it is well suited that we have this conversation.

If you don’t know, OpenAI–the creator of ChatGPT–has launched a store. This store is a place where you can buy user-created prompts. When I wrote this, there were more than 3 million user-created ChatGPTs.

I want to share this as a cautionary tale more than anything.

Being online, you’ve most likely heard the death of copywriters, writers, or any form of content since the arrival of AI. This seems untrue, as services like Upwork still exist, with people clamoring daily for user-generated content over AI.

But–for the solopreneurs who want to take the easy road–a simpler approach and purchase custom ChatGPTs to do all their content–know this–you may suffer a fate worse than losing your job to AI.

The ones who use popular prompts or content generators will actually foreshadow their business turmoil and ultimate death.

It’s a fate where nobody can tell the difference between them and another brand online. A fate where their content will be ignored, which means–no attention, new customers, or a unique voice that garners more eyes.

Think about it:

If everyone uses the same prompts but inputs their business details, they may get a different outcome, but the message will sound the same, just with your business details instead of someone else’s.

It’s been proven that ChatGPT gets lazy and starts to phone it in when asked to generate content. Don’t ask me how that’s possible, as that’s approved of my pay grade.

The point is that to use AI successfully; you’ll still have to know the keys to human nature, as people tend to move away from pain more than toward pleasure.

So, if you highlight your audience’s pain, your content will be better served, read, and implemented.

If you decide to use AI in your business, this is something to ponder. Again, I’m not saying not to use AI; just be sure you’re still harnessing your unique skill set and understanding of human nature to build your business.

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