Why most advice online saying to quit your job is crap

A lesson people can learn from in general about life

Fabe Mitchell


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“Oh, my God!”

“You really should find another job.”

“I could never work for someone like that, that’s why I drink wine all day, my husband makes a good salary.”

I just met this woman at this business dinner and she was turning up her nose at the fact that one of the meal guests had a 9–5 that she hated.

The person sharing their 9–5 horror stories is what’s pretty common in the corporate workplace.

“It’s just me and two old men in the office,” the young 22-year-old said.

“Nobody else is asked to come into the office and work but me, and I know exactly why.”

If you asked me…it seems like she kinda liked the fact that she got that extra attention from old men even though she thought her boss was a “racist A-hole.”

The other person who “loved her nightly cocktails” kept giving the 22-year-old unsolicited advice.

That’s really what this lesson is about today.

If you want to push people away, hurt your sales chances, and miss out on financial opportunities, then give people all the unsolicited advice you think they could handle.

People have egos, and the more you press upon their ego for your own ego gain is costing you successful relationships.

When giving unsolicited advice you make it about yourself, what you know, and what you want to demonstrate vs understanding the other person.

The “cocktail drinker” kept giving me unsolicited advice about watching Grant Cardone to learn about real estate instead of asking me what my goals are with real estate investing.

Her understanding of my goals would give her advice more kick if it was directly aligned with my ambition.

Most advice is crap because it’s vague and lacks the element of helping the person achieve what they desire.

It’s like telling people they should quit their horrible bosses without understanding what’s keeping the person there in the first place.

Yes, people want to quit, but they stay because of pay and benefits. If those two things can’t be replaced without taking a hit then nothing anybody says will move them away from that job.

Most times, people like to stick with the devil they know.

This could help you from having boring conversations and giving out advice that’s being ignored while you're saying it.

Or it could help you find ways to have deeper conversations with people where you can address their deepest desires and how you could help them achieve them.

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