Why your email list is bored and what to do about it.

A boring email list doesn’t engage. Which means no opens, clicks, or sales.

And this comes from being in a comfort zone of relying on what we feel confident producing with our content. We think, sure they're subscribed to us, so yeah they want to see this new podcast episode, they will love this new blog post, and they will LOVE this new course I just created.

This is normal for solopreneurs with their email list. I have helped coaches, course creators, and writers re-engage their email lists to get better responses.

What I have realized is that without all the glamor that you can do with social media, people get in a consistent daze of boredom with their email list. They only talk to them when they have a social media post they want to share, or they are inconsistent. To the point that they will go months, some even years without even emailing their list.

When I talk to people about the problem, I always find it funny that people are willing to record videos that take hours to create, edit, and post. Yet they won’t sit, think, and create an email that will persuade, engage, and turn a click into a sale. And you could create this email in as little time as 10 minutes.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss stepping outside your comfort zone to get a higher response, and ultimately sales with your email list. As a solopreneur who wants to build a vibrant, interactive, and profitable email list — it’s important for you to know how you can create a fun, informative, and enjoyable brand for you and those on your email list.

More of the same

A few months ago I spoke to a business coach who had an email list of close to 1000. They were looking to create engaging campaigns to generate more sales. Their current efforts were deep within their comfort zone. They emailed their list with the latest blog post, podcast episode, or other content pieces they created.

Nothing wrong with this method, it is a way to drive traffic to your social media. The traffic, in turn, pleases the algorithm gods, and they reward you with more views. Except, that process doesn’t really reward your email subscriber. That’s rewarding you with higher views on your social post in hopes to get more followers.

Because the information you are providing with your social post may be information that your email list is already familiar with. It may be the reason that they joined your email list in the first place.

Yet, this coach, like most, was comfortable being on the social media content creation hamster wheel. Since this is the norm for us, we may believe our email list is just another channel to share our social media.


That’s right, NO.

Your email list isn’t just another channel to share your social media post.

Your email list is about going deeper into the relationship. These people have given you something so precious. People have started guarding their emails like a bear with their cubs.

So, the way you reward that is by only giving them content that everybody else gets when they didn’t have to give you their email?

This is the first stage of stepping outside your comfort zone. Your email must be different. You must show your personality more. And they must help your tribe take the next logical step on this journey with you.

Going deeper not wide

From time to time, you will see me rant about the online coaching industry. Because some of the advice is flat out sh*t and people seem to not care about the impact they have on others and their business.

I saw an awesome post on Medium the other day about how as writers we have a responsibility to uphold. And that before we just share information for the sake of views, we make sure we are doing our end-user justice to make a real impact and transformation.

Here is a story to explain.

I was told this by another coach who was helping their client.

This client was so frustrated with their business because they were drained, uninspired, and thinking this wasn’t for them. Except the problem wasn’t them, their business, or any clients they had.

The problem…was the coach they hired.

This coach was pushing this person to build a Facebook group. Telling them it’s what’s working now, and how everybody is doing it. However, this person hated trying to grow a Facebook group. Hated the process of figuring out good ads to create, wondering what content to generate inside the group, and how to turn those people from the group into paying customers.

And since they hated it, means they didn’t want to do it. This means the work they did do was half-@assed and those in the group could tell.

Now, are you ready for the punchline?

Oh, you didn’t know this was a joke? You're about to see why.

(And I’m not laughing at the person, I'm laughing at their horrible coach)

So, while this coach was pushing a FB group on their client, this person had an email list of people WELL over 1K…WOW

My jaw dropped when I heard that part.

The point is, they were being taught to go wide in their business instead of deep. Deep is where the money is. Deep is where the stability is. Deep is where your BEST clients are!

Building a FB group can be a profitable path, but ignoring people who joined your list is costing you more profits. People spend so much time focusing on trying to get those new people instead of seeing how can I go deeper with those I already have?

You must stop being in the comfort zone of chasing potential clients on social media. Challenge yourself to see what you can do to go deeper in your business with people who have signed up to hear from you.

What email marketing really is

It’s just a conversation. A conversation between two people who share the same values, and maybe the same beliefs. (If you did your copy right that’s true.)

A conversation where you are letting someone know, a person, that, “Hey, I have this product that helps people do ABC, and if you want to get XYZ, then this product can help.” Of course, there is more to it, but you get my point.

Think about it like this, in an email, you can write 250–500 words telling people a story that entertains, informs, and educates, then advise them that you have this service or product that can help them further.

But people are too comfortable making a Reel, TikTok, or any other high-quality video. I get that the times show that this is the type of content that grows your brand. So not saying you shouldn’t do those things. I am saying you must step outside your comfort zone, and what your market is used to seeing.

That Reel you made dancing(that took hours to make), sharing 3 tips to get unstuck — turn that into an email (that takes 10 mins to write) explaining a time when you were stuck in life, what was going on, what problems did it cause, and how did you overcome — then at the bottom add in your link for people to book a call, buy your service, etc if they are going through the same things or similar and are ready to move forward.

Final Words

We have become programmed to rely on social media for growth. That isn’t the only way. This comfort you feel for running your business on social media is what is holding back your email list response.

If you have low clicks, no conversions, and sales are inconsistent, then look at what content are you providing them and if it is content meant to keep them on a journey of transformation, or if you're just sharing content for the sake of it.

Because your email list is more about them, their needs, and problems than you.

If you have an email list that hasn’t heard from you since Obama was President or your getting lower than desired response, then let’s chat and see what we can do to get you higher engagement, more referrals, and consistent sales. All while saving you more time.

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